What we offer?
The ability to transform red results into green ones

proGrow, your own know-how database

How proGrow works

proGrow Features

proGrow makes it possible for your factory to improve its production process in a sustainable and continuous way. Our platform is built around the continuous improvement principles of DADA LOOP.

Data Collection:

Even if your production data is stored in different places, proGrow is able to merge data from various sources, thus there is no need to restructure your database. In case you haven't stored it somewhere else, information can also be inserted manually.

Analysis Reports:

proGrow calculates your KPIs based on your information and gives you access to custom-made performance reports, with just one click.

Decision Making:

proGrow assists your decision-making process by providing information drilldown and historical analysis, which helps you discover the root-cause of your problem. As simples as asking 5 times why (5 Whys principle).

Improvement Actions:

In addition to allowing you to create, edit, prioritize and review tasks, proGrow also includes an integrated search engine which suggests improvements. By adding comments and reviews to each action you are able to optimize the way your different teams collaborate with each other.


Continuous improvement:

proGrow is a flexible and dynamic platform which produces KPIs and reports, as well as monitors the impact of your actions, automatically, promoting thereby a culture of continuous improvement. You are collecting more than data, you are centralizing the production know-how from your entire organization.